Santa’s Lost His List!

Escape Room

Halfway through his deliveries on Christmas Eve, Santa realises he’s lost his important Christmas Present deliveries list! ¬†Without his list, Santa will be unable to complete all the Christmas present deliveries to thousands of boys and girls across the world and Christmas will be RUINED!! Santa thinks he left the list at Mr & Mrs Brown’s house whilst sampling a rather delicious homemade Mince Pie.

Will you become Santa’s honorary Elves, enter the Brown’s house and try to find where Santa left his list? ¬†The success of Christmas is in your hands!!

This is a flexible, ‘family friendly’ escape room, ideally suited to either a group of 2-3 adults or a family group of 1-2 adults with 2-3 children and is perfectly suited to families with children aged 6 – 12. (Please Note – Children under 16 must be supervised by an adult at all times).

Recommended age 6+ Minimum age 6 (Adult’s discretion) and under 16’s must be accompanied by at least one adult.

Level of difficulty – 2 / 5

Escape rate – 85%

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