Escape Room

Ever wondered what happens to the people who are plucked from the audience to go backstage at a Panto? Well, WE know. And it may not be what you’d expect!

You’re an audience member enjoying the local Panto.  During the interval, you are asked to go backstage to help the panicked stage crew with a CRISIS they were not expecting! One of the cast members has gone MISSING and they need your HELP to find them or the PANTO can not go on!

Will you become honorary stage hands, go backstage and help find the missing cast member??  The success of the local PANTO is in your hands!

This is a ‘family friendly’ 45 minute game.

The game accomodates a maximum family group size of 5 people – maximum 3 or 4 adults (over 12 years old)

Due to space available we will not be able to admit group sizes larger than 4 adults with 1 child.

Recommended age 6+ Minimum age 6 (Adult’s discretion) and under 16’s must be accompanied by at least one adult.

Level of difficulty – 3 / 5

Escape rate – 85%

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