Escape Room

Its time the world knew the true identity of the world-renown anonymous graffiti artist FRANKSY…have you got what it takes to discover the truth??

For years local newspaper ‘The Big Scoop’ have been tracking Bournemouth’s most famous citizen, FRANKSY, the world-renown anonymous graffiti artist.  They’ve homed in on his last known whereabouts and now need willing freelance journalists to find out his true identity.  If you’re successful you will be rewarded with the life changing sum of £150,000!

We’re holding the front page and we go to print in 60 minutes.  Have you got what it takes to meet this deadline?

Suitable for 2-7 players (game can accommodate up to 8 people, get in touch to discuss)

Minimum age 12+ and under 16s must be accompanied by an adult

This game is NOT recommended for teams who have never played an escape game before.  Why not try one of our other games first to get some well needed escape room practice before attempting this one!

Difficulty rating – 5/5

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